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ServicesBecause there is no direct tool contact, Waterjet cutting gives a smooth, high quality, surface finish. The biggest benefit is that waterjet cutting usually eliminates the necessity for any secondary processes i.e de-burring.

Main advantages of using precision Waterjet cutting

  • Smooth Surface Finish
  • Heat will not affect the material at all – it is a cold process
  • No direct tool contact, eliminating the chance of edge deformation
  • Materials from 0.5mm to 180mm thick can be profiled
  • Almost any material can be cut
  • Intelligent nesting maximizes material yield
  • The operation is very clean, with a high level of accuracy.
  • No additional costs for tooling

The need for further machining processes can often be eliminated

At Fluid Profiling we have a maximum cutting area or 3.1m x 2m and can process materials unto 180mm thick with a typical part tolerance of 0.25mm (can be closer if required).